Why you should avoid using free proxy servers

..and get a VPN account instead.

Everyone seems to be looking for FREE stuff on the Internet.
When in need for a way to access a blocked website, people first look for a free proxy server. And why not, after all FREE is great, isnt’ it? The answer is – well, it depends.

If you’re accessing the proxy from a computer that you don’t care about and if the data that you transfer to the Internet has no value to you, then a proxy may be a reasonable option. You have weighed the risks and decided that for the activity that you will be doing there isn’t anything to lose.

Things change dramatically when you are accessing Internet from your personal computer or laptop. On your computer you have personal files that are for your eyes only. From your computer you access your email and enter your username and password. You access your online banking or place orders and enter your credit card details. Are you willing to risk it all being stolen just because you wanted to use free online proxy servers?

The truth is that many proxy servers are controlled by hacker groups, some from Russia, Ukraine or other Eastern European countries. They welcome your personal data and you will soon join their victims club after setting the free proxy on your computer. How is that possible? When you set up a proxy on your computer, what you’re saying basically is “please send and receive all my Internet traffic through this proxy server”. What happens is that anyone controlling the proxy server can easily see what you are doing over Internet. They can also send you poisoned replies, directing you to fake versions of legitimate websites. You have to trust that everything that comes from the proxy server is what you requested. But trust is not something you should be having when dealing with free online services.

To avoid such nightmares, get a Happy VPN account. You get all the benefits of a proxy server( and none of the risks), plus some added ones like encrypted traffic, unlimited bandwidth and free 24/7 email support. Encrypted traffic means that no-one( not even us!) can see what you are doing on the Internet. Your Internet browsing is supposed to be private and by using a Happy VPN account you are making sure it stays that way.

We are in business since 2007 and have grown mainly through customer’s recommendation. People like telling their friends about us. Chances are, if you’re reading this then somebody already told you to check us out. Regularly we are updating the list of kind words from our clients, feel free to check it out.

Don’t use free proxy servers, invest in your peace of mind, get a Happy VPN account!

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