How to configure VPN on a router to access Xbox, Apple TV, etc

A typical home has many devices nowadays. It used to be just one desktop computer, but those times are long gone.

Clients using vpn accounts wonder how to configure VPN on their router, to access Xbox, Apple TV, etc.

There are actually more benefits to having your VPN account configured directly on the router. A major one is that you can use one vpn account on multiple devices, in the same time! It’s the same as when you configure one adsl account on a router to use Internet on more devices.

Another benefit is having the VPN configured at router level means that you always have it on. There’s no turning on/off , which can bother some people as it adds overhead.

To configure VPN at router level, you need a special router, a DDWRT enabled router. Using a DDWRT router you can use VPN on Xbox and on Apple TV.

To check whether your current router supports DDWRT, please go this address.

If your router doesn’t support it, click to get a DDWRT enabled router.

The good thing about is that they can ship the router directly configured for Happy VPN ( if you contact them prior for the router being shipped).

You must of course have a VPN account. We have over 6 years of experience and countless happy customers. Check our VPN plans!

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