• VPN on iPhone

    iPhone works as an Internet client with e-mail, web browsing, and both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. Apple has added VPN support for the iPhone. They also have a guide on how to configure VPN on an iPhone. Many people who are abroad use their computer to access blocked sites. A lot of them have an […]


  • Accessing Blocked Sites

    How to Access Blocked Sites? Most people have heard about proxy servers. In an earlier post we have explained why configuring a free proxy server on your computer is a very bad idea. It constitutes a serious security risk and should be avoided at all times. Some solutions are way too complicated for the average […]


  • Why you should avoid using free proxy servers

    ..and get a VPN account instead. Everyone seems to be looking for FREE stuff on the Internet. When in need for a way to access a blocked website, people first look for a free proxy server. And why not, after all FREE is great, isnt’ it? The answer is – well, it depends. If you’re […]


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